Mad Mango
551 Bernard Avenue  Kelowna, BC V1Y 6P2
(250) 762-8988
Who: Mad Mango
Where: Downtown Kelowna
Price: Very affordable
Verdict: One of my favorites and will continue to go
I have tried Mad Mango on numerous occasions and have not yet been disappointed. The first time I found the place was years ago, I was a poor university student walking to the grocery store and stumbled in with my roommate. My first time there I had a stir fry and I loved it!! It reminded me of my dads cooking, so it became an instant favorite. 

The cafe serves a variety of options including an all day breakfast, sandwiches and Vietnamese dishes. The prices of the dishes are extremely affordable, I mean EXTREMELY! 

Vietnamese Beef Soup

What I had for lunch was the Vietnamese Beef Soup and it was good. The soup came out to cost only $5 with taxes. I know $5 for a bowl of beef soup..yumm!!! I literally could eat pho for the rest of my life, I can't even describe how much I love Vietnamese food. The beef soup from the cafe is really good, although I've had better, it still is better and more affordable than many places I've been in the Okanagan. 

Just writing about this soup is making me want some more, pho craving starts now.

Peach Prawn Stir Fry and Spring Rolls ( I know worst picture ever-sorry)
My friend had the Peach Prawn Stir Fry, which as you can see in the picture above it didn't really turn out as I expected. I was going to order this dish too, but she did and I was disappointed in the taste. The dish is made up of fresh peach, deep fried prawns and a creamy sauce. I don't know the ingredients of the creamy sauce, but it was really creamy and sweet. The peach prawn stir fry tasted very similar to a deep fried donuts covered in a creamy sweet sauce. Not one of my favorite and definitely not something I will order in the future. The price of this dish was around $7 I believe and the spring rolls were $3. I know spring rolls for $3 is a bargain!!
This is the only dish that I've ever had that did not live up to my expectations.

If your ever in the area of the cafe, I would recommend going there for the food. 
P.S The breakfast is also really good, they have this sauce that goes with the toast, it is amazing. Go for the toast sauce!